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House Cleaning Service

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If you currently have, or are thinking about hiring a house cleaning service, there are several things that you can do to get the best value for what you pay – other than choosing the “ lowest bidder”.  And even if you do decide to go with the lowest bidder, here’s some tips to make sure you get the most “bang for your buck “with every service.


First decide what’s most important to you. What’s the thing that you hate doing more than just about anything? Whether it’s cleaning the inside of your refrigerator, or removing hard water buildup in the shower, be sure your house cleaning service knows in advance what your priority is. Some people clean up before the cleaners come ( which seems crazy to me ) while others seem to let things go completely  in the day or two before the house cleaning service is scheduled to arrive. Somewhere in the middle of this continuum there’s a happy medium that allows your cleaners to spend their time focusing on the BIG tasks that make your house feel, smell and look it’s cleanest after they’ve gone.

If that means that you remove clothing and toys from the floor so the vacuuming is really thorough, clear the kitchen or bathroom counters so your house cleaning service can focus on disinfecting  vs, figuring out where thing so, is a decision you two can discuss together to arrive at the best solution for you.

A good cleaning service will remember that they are in the “service “business first and foremost.  These simple steps can ensure that whichever maid service you select, you have a great experience through every step of the process. It’s good to maintain an open line of communication with your cleaner, their supervisor, and the company owner about what you like and don’t like regarding the service you receive. Most good cleaning service companies will want to keep you happy and have you give them referral business as well,  so don’t be shy about asking for exactly what you need.

At LDJ Cleaning we consider service to be sacred and we guarantee our work. Call us today at 630.291.5435 to schedule our detail house cleaning. Be sure to ask about our window, oven and fridge cleaning service as well.